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Scientific Research

Why choose the Dr. Nach’s Online Resources? We use scientific research as a basis of our lessons along with our extensive high school, college, and university classroom teaching experience. We designed each lesson to be meaningful, engaging, and applicable in the real-world. Lessons are filled with innovative techniques and perspectives, as we show what these life skills look like in practice.

Online Lessons

Our online self-paced lessons can be taken anytime, anywhere – completed your way at your own pace. You can expand your knowledge in a time-frame that works for you. Complete one module or an entire lesson at one sitting, the choice is yours. Each lesson is divided into 12 modules and have been optimized for your preferred approach. Lessons include online 24/7 access.

Why Choose Dr. Nach’s Online Resources

Our program is set apart from the competition because we implement different learning strategies. We bring a unique combination Dr. Nach's Online Resourcesof knowledge, experience and expertise in the fields of education, psychology, and business together to create our lessons. We take pride in targeting the real-life skills needed to empower individuals to be “all they can be”.  Lessons are presented in an easy to use format to keep the content inspirational, interesting, affordable, and user-friendly.


Dr. Nach’s Online Resources offers lessons and articles designed to help you excel in both your personal and business lives. View our lessons to learn more. Lessons include online 24/7 access.

About Us

Dr. Eric Nach, Ph.D., M.Ed., ASD Cert. is a Developmental and Behavioral Specialist who has created these life enhancing courses to target key issues associated with “Executive Functioning” and “Soft-Skill” development.

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As you choose to take our online lesson, you’ll analyze real case studies for each module and engage in tasks to utilize the new skills. We know you’ll enjoy our lessons and be able to start implementing what you have learned immediately into your day to day life.

Our online lessons are accessible on your computer, tablet and smartphone 24/7.