goal setting

For the most part, people go about setting their goals by writing them down. In fact, a popular idiom in goal setting says that ‘it’s only a dream but once it’s written down it becomes a goal’. That be as it may, goal setting is evolving beyond the written form. Today, the newest concept in goal setting is visualizing. The idea is to draw or use visual aids to depict your goals, as opposed to just writing then down. Below, see just why using visual strategies may be the better option when it comes to making your goals comes true.

Allow you to create a truer picture of what you want/need

One perk that you will reap from visual goal setting is that you will be able to create goals that are reasonable and a depiction of what you really need. When you visualize your goals, you are able to better assess the picture you’ve created and go after a truer picture of what you really want. For example, you want to get a promotion at work for more money and time off.

Allow you to cut back on things you don’t actually need

Visual goal setting is also great for checking your imagination. In written form, it is easy to go over board and overshoot what you really want. However, using visual strategies allows you to see how it all comes together right in front of your eyes. Then you are able to take away the excesses and only retain the valuable goals. For example, you might want your dream car now to be happy. However, through visual goal setting, you might realize that you should really wait on that promotion before you buy.

Gives your mind a more specific goal to work towards

In recent times, experts dealing with goal setting have come to agree that one needs to make their goals as specific as possible. Visual goal setting can help you achieve that. Whether you’re using internet photos to visualize your dream home or are drawing it on a white board, visualizing allows your brain to narrow down on exactly what you want. In the case of a promotion example, visualizing will help you detail everything from the dream car you want to the raise you will get, to the increased vacation time that comes with it, etc.

Improves focus when pursuing goals

Another reason why visual goal setting is more effective is because it helps you improve the focus on your goals. You are able to hone in on exactly what you want and how you want it. The big advantage here is that this prevents you from shuffling between goals. Because you are able to create a specific and true goal, you are better able to stick with it till the end when you achieve it.

Keeps you more motivated

And last but not least, visual goal setting is more motivating. Seeing exactly what you want to achieve right in front of your eyes is all the encouragement you need. It makes the goal seem closer than ever before and all you need to do is work for it. Even your brain starts to work subconsciously to create solutions to help you achieve it. Case in point, you cannot compare writing down your body goals and having a wall picture of the exact body you want to have. The latter is much more motivating.

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