school-life balance


Maintaining a healthy school-life balance is a huge challenge for most people currently pursuing

an education. Previously, only people balancing work and school or those juggling family and

school were affected. However, today even small school kids are finding it hard to balance

school and personal life. In this post, we explore various ways anyone caught in between similar

scenarios can pursue a better school – life balance.

1. Create a schedule for school, chores, and extracurricular activities

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy balance between school and

personal life. This demands that you create a schedule where you allocate enough time for

each. Your weekly schedule should indicate when you’re supposed to do what and for what

duration of time. This ensures that school, assignments, chores, and extracurricular activities

such as sports are not overlooked.

2. Allocate personal time for yourself

Another important step to maintaining a good school – life balance is ensuring that you carve

out personal time for yourself. This is different from time spent in school, time spent doing

schoolwork, or time spent doing chores. Personal time is time spent doing whatever you want

to do. This could be playing, travelling, hanging out with friends, etc. Such personal time is very

crucial in the school – life balance equation because it allows one to de-stress and de-compress

thereby preventing a breakdown.

3. Maintain a social life outside school

For the most part, the challenge of school – life balance is characterized by people leaning more

towards school than life. After all, school is more structured and quite unavoidable. Most

people without a school – life balance find that their entire life revolves around school. To avoid

this, ensure that you cultivate a life outside school. For example, have friends outside school,

engage in social activities that are not school-based, and so forth.

4. Expect to make mistakes and fail at some activities

Maintaining a balance between school and personal life is not easy. And as much as you may

try, it is important to acknowledge that you may never strike the perfect balance. Some weeks

will lean more towards school and others will lean more towards personal life. Allow yourself

that margin of error. In fact, you should expect it and not torture yourself over it. The school –

life balance is just but a goal. And as long as you’re working towards that goal then you should

give yourself a little credit.

5. Celebrate the small victories in your personal and school life

Another trick to developing school – life balance is recognizing and celebrating all the small

victories in either field. Doing so allows you to see the positives and the results of your quest

for a balance. Otherwise, if you don’t do this, you will only dwell on the negatives and feel de-

motivated about your whole school-life balance quest. The small victories here include small

wins like sparing time for chores, completing schoolwork ahead of time during the weekend,


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