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Interpersonal skills are very important in life, in relationships, and in the workplace. They influence how well one is able to interact with others and create meaningful connections. It is no secret that great interpersonal skills can help one rise to the top in their career or social circles. However, the catch is that interpersonal skills are not self-chosen. Rather, your interpersonal skills may be as a result of your personality type. Read on to learn more.

Personality types

There are sixteen personality types in total. And all these personality types touch on various major qualities such as emotion & logic, decisiveness, extroversion & introversion, etc. The personality types include doers, thinkers, idealists, givers, nurturers, protectors, etc.

Each person has a specific personality type that describes them best. However, you may still find that you resonate with other personality traits to an extent or in part.

The link between personality types and interpersonal skills

There is a direct link between personality types and interpersonal skills. In fact, the link is so direct that one can tell what interpersonal skills they are likely to possess based on their personality type.

For example, people with a doer personality type are result-oriented. They will take risks and find solutions quickly. Such people can be expected to possess various interpersonal skills such as being collaborative, consultative, inquisitive, creative, persistent, friendly, persuasive, etc. The same applies for any given personality type out there.

How your personality type affects your interpersonal skills

As seen above, there is a direct connection between one’s personality type and their interpersonal skills. This means that no matter what you want to do or regardless of how you want to relate to other people, your personality traits will almost always shape how your interact with others.

For example, if your personality type is that of the executive, you will be more likely to take charge of situations rather than let other people do it, you will be likely to encourage others to perform better rather than compete with them, and you will also be great at motivating, mentoring, and public speaking.

As such, it appears that to a great extent, we are all beholden to our personality traits. And by extension, our people skills are by large pre-determined for us.

 Taking advantage of your personality type to grow your interpersonal skills

Just because your personality type affects and shapes your interpersonal skills does not mean that you have no say. You can actually take advantage of this information to target and grow the various interpersonal skills that come with your particular personality type. You can even go further to select careers, social positions and hobbies that are more likely to require the interpersonal skills reflected by your personality type.

For example, if your personality type is that of a caregiver, you can decide to focus interpersonal skills such as tolerance, sympathy, sensitivity, patience, listening, helping others, etc. You can even deduce these skills and go for careers that favor such qualities, e.g. teacher, therapist, counselor, doctor, nurse, baby sitter, etc.

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