There is no bond stronger than family. It gives us a sense of belonging, a sense of being loved. Like any other relationship, family needs nurturing. This is done through family bonding; the act of family members spending time together and meaningfully interacting through activities away from normal routine. One way of family bonding is an exciting and memorable adventure vacation. Parents need to find time away from work and especially during this time when the children are on summer break. It is the perfect period to spend quality time with your family over an adventure packed vacation.

Why adventure?

Families can take all types of vacations. However, most of them entail laying around all day and that does little for bonding. Adventure vacations are ideal for a number of reasons:

  • Everyone gets involved. This is important because family bonding doesn’t involve just the kids. Both the parents and kids must come together.
  • They’re fun. Fun helps people come together easily and quickly.
  • They’re interactive. As opposed to laying by the beach, adventure vacations force family members to interact as they engage in various activities together. And it is through such activities that true bonding occurs.

Activities that promote family bonding through an adventure vacation

There are specific adventurous vacations that are great for family bonding. Watch out for vacation destinations that offer the following activities:


A weekend out in the woods, away from the distracting internet and phone calls provides the ideal environment for family bonding through camping. Spend quality time trying to figure out how to make a bonfire or pitching up a tent. Some camping sites offer freshly hunted catch for you to enjoy grilling by your camp. This Camp grounds directory will help you choose a campsite of your choice. When out camping, your family get the opportunity to bond and get close without the distraction of everyday activities like work, school or chores.


Hiking trails are a great adventure option during vacation. The Hike directory is a nice place to start your search. You can spend a few hours, an afternoon, a day or even a whole weekend hiking with the family during your vacation. Climbing uphill on foot with your family provides ample time to talk, help each other get over a steep and rocky patches and bond while site seeing the dramatic sceneries. Such outdoor opportunities not only enable you to learn your kids’ character, it can be the perfect opportunity to build on it as well. It also gives way to facing fears, for height-phobic members. If you wish, you can zip-line your way back down for an exhilarating experience.


Travelling as a family unit is an ideal adventure vacation for family bonding. Skip the plane and opt for the family car, an RV or a tour company instead. This allows you to spend more time with each other. And that means the opportunity to create more memories and bond better. Tour companies are also a great way to go about travel vacations as they can arrange for an indulging tour program, inclusive of dining, accommodation, and great sites to visit. Visit game parks, museums, galleries, beaches, historical sites, and spend the evenings at resorts offering tantalizing cuisines for families.

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