Did you know that 6% of students drop out in 9th grade? That figure is the largest case of dropouts in all levels of education. Negative school experience in 9th grade is the leading cause of dropping out. If you do not prepare students well for the transition from middle school to high school, their high school life will be unpleasant to an extent they may drop out. Research shows that if a student is successful in 9th grade, there are high chances they will enjoy high school and graduate to college.

What makes the transition from middle school to high school complicated?

The transition from middle school to high school is complicated by changes. The changes are both physical and psychological. These changes include;

School facilities

The school is new, bigger, and probably further away from home than the previous school. Navigating the new school will be challenging, at least for the first semester.

Class Schedule

Not only are the classrooms bigger, the schedule is different. There is frequent classroom shifting for different lessons and longer periods in some cases.

More independence

In high school students skip classes for as long as they maintain the minimum percentage of attendance.

Academic expectations

The workload in high school is larger, and so are the academic expectations, especially for kids who performed well in middle school.

Which skills do students need to succeed in high school

To survive and cope with the changes and transition to high school, there are several skills students need to learn. These skills include;

Effective communication – Effective communication requires talking in a manner other people understand and having good listening skills. Without good communication skills, your child might have difficulty interacting with other students and older people such as teachers and coaches.

Time management – In high school, your kids will have many assignments and term papers. These have deadlines which have to be met and as a parent, you might not be able to track everything your teenager does. Good time management skills are, therefore, required.

Self-advocacy – high schools are known to be full of bullies. Kids have to know how to stand up for themselves. This involves expressing how they feel and reporting the bullies to the relevant authorities.

Hygiene and self-care – high school students are self-aware of how they look and the kind of clothes they put on. They need to be properly dressed and clean all through. If you have not taught your kid personal hygiene they might have a difficult time fitting in.

People skills – people skills refer to the ability to form meaning interactions and relationship with other people. Your kid needs to know how to behave around people and how to greet people and maintain eye contact with people when conversing. Without people skills, they will have difficulty making friends making high school life very awkward for them.

Help your child acquire life skills to succeed in high school

As a parent, you love your kid so much that you want to protect them at all costs. But as kids grow up, they need to learn to survive on their own without your help. What you can do is help them acquire the relevant life skills needed to survive high school, life in college, and life after school. At Nach Academy, we have online courses for different life skills such as time management and conflict resolution. Visit our homepage for more information.

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