Everyone needs soft skills if they are to maintain a job.  People with special needs do not acquire skills as easily as other people butcan be great employees. With the right training, patience, and practice they can master the soft skills needed in any workplace.

Why is it important to empower special people with soft skills to maintain a job?

There is no specified method or set syllabus of learning soft skills. We acquire them naturally through interacting with others. The assumption that kids and young adults naturally learn soft skills is the reason such lessons are not included in the education curriculum.

Unfortunately, due to the different physical and cognitive deficiencies in special needs people, they may not learn these skills as naturally as the others. Therefore, they may experience lots of difficulties transitioning from the school set up to the workplace.

Remember, people with disabilities face a very high unemployment rate compared to their peers without disability. Therefore, it is important to empower them with these skills. The earlier they start learning these skills the better because it might take longer for them to master them.

Help your child with special needs build soft skills

Parents and guardians are in the best position to help children and young adults with disabilities to acquire soft skills. Because you know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, you know which skills to build on, and which skills the child already has. Also, this understanding can help come up with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that addresses the soft skills your child needs to acquire.

To help your child you need to plan an effective life skill learning program. You need to know what to teach and how to deliver it in a way that your child will understand. You can use Nach Academy’s innovative courses to do just that. Our life skills courses are relevant, engaging, and full of perspective such that the learners can apply what they learn in the real world.

Soft skills people with special needs require before joining the workforce

Your special needs child will one day become an adult. At that age, he will need to take care of him(her)self, which involves getting a job. And for them to maintain that job, they need the following soft skills;

  • Communication skills – this is the most crucial soft skill in a workplace. Work on the non-verbal communication and make sure child can read and write if possible. Also, teach them the importance of listening, and speaking in ways others understand.
  • Lifelong learning skills – learning does not stop after getting a job. So, encourage your child to be willing to learn new things, and encourage them to be flexible to adapt to change.
  • Decision-making skills – when faced with a problem, observe how your child responds and comes up with a solution. Encourage them to make decisions instead of seeking help from an authority.
  • Interpersonal skills – these skills include self-advocating and influencing others, conflict resolution, and team building. All these skills are required to effectively interact with others in a workplace.

Please note that learning and acquiring soft skills requires lots of practice, especially for people with special needs. Our online courses are available across all devices 24/7 for reference.

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