Few occasions bring joy to a parent like their kid qualifying for college. You get so hopeful that they will have a bright future. After all, education is the key to success.

But they need more than good grades and pocket money to get through college. The transition from high school to college has its challenges. Your kid needs to know how to harmoniously interact with other people, as you will not be there to resolve their conflicts and advocate for them.

They require the right soft skills to successfully complete college and become successful in their careers. Here at Nach Academy, we offer several online courses tailored for the high-school to college transition. They include;

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills, also known as soft skills, refer to the attributes that enable us to effectively interact with other people. It is what enables you to read the other person’s emotions and respond accordingly. It is also what enables you to choose the right body language to use when interacting with different people.

The high school curriculum teaches them in the life skills lessons. However, our Synergistic Interpersonal Skills course is better. It teaches how to;

  • Listen actively.
  • Initiate meaningful conversation.
  • Disagree with others in a respectful manner.

Problem Solving

Does your kid know how to find a solution to difficult challenges? In college, they will face many challenges – finding a hostel, dealing with a noisy roommate, or choosing selective course units. They will need problem-solving skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and decision-making to solve these challenges.

Our Problem-Solving course outline covers how to;

  • Analyze situations and coming up with possible solutions.
  • Adapting to changes in life.
  • Quick and effective problem-solving.

Conflict Resolution

Just like in high school, your kid will enter into conflicts with other students while in college. But unlike in high school where conflicts are reported and resolved by the guidance and counseling of teacher, in college, your kid will have to resolve the conflicts by themselves. Also, they might have to arbitrate conflicts between other students.

On completion of our Conflict Resolution course, your kid will have learned;

  • How to come up with options for resolving a conflict.
  • They are not always on the right side of an argument.
  • Arbitrate a conflict impartially.

How to use body language

During communication, body language does most of the communication. Avoiding direct eye contact during a conversation with an elderly person is regarded as a sign of disrespect, while the same body language when talking to an agemate is a sign of shyness. With millennials doing much of the communication behind a screen, it is likely that your kid does not know the importance of body language.

Our course teaches teenagers to:

  • Understand what their body language is communicating.
  • Understand the difference between female and male body language.
  • Make a good first impression with their body language.

We are experts in developmental and behavioral changes in children, teens, and young adults. That and the fact that we have a hands-on teaching experience from college and high school makes us experts in transitioning your kid to higher education. After subscribing to our courses your kid will have a lifetime access to them on any device.

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