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Raising Confident Young Adults

Children learn things at an incredible rate when growing up. Their main sources of learning are usually their surroundings, and what they see, they tend to pick up quickly. One of the best qualities to have as a child is confidence. The ability to trust in themselves and what they can do, while at the […]

Why Athletes Need Soft Skills

As an athlete, it can sometimes be difficult to see how soft skills can be an asset. In the field, whatever sport you participate in, the main requirement is talent and a fair bit of physicality. The modern day athlete is, however, required to have a lot more than that to succeed. They are required […]


The Top 6 Qualities Your Kids Should Possess

Raising children can be challenging at times. The little bundles of joy always seem to be growing too fast and sometimes they learn the wrong things from outside sources. Their impressionable young minds can collect information quickly and it is up to us to make sure that our kids don’t learn the wrong things. Even […]


Is social media killing social skills?

Social media is taking up a lot of our time. So much so that conversing with each other face-to-face has suffered a huge blow. Anywhere you look in public spaces, people are glued to their smartphone screens. Also, conversing and speaking in full sentences has become a chore for some people. This is obviously due […]


Essential Soft Skills For A Sales Force

Soft skills are crucial attributes required for continued success in the workplace. They are those little nuggets of communication and interpersonal skills that will have you relate better with the people at work. Soft skills are especially essential if your job entails any sort of sales and marketing. Having such interpersonal skills greatly determines how […]

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Being Confident In A Group Setting

Confidence is an integral tool in human relationships; more so when it comes to interaction with other individuals in a group setting where teamwork is necessary. At Nach Academy for Innovative learning, we look into the various ways we can boost the individual’s confidence when it comes to such situations by changing the overall perception […]


Give Your Employees The Edge In the Workplace

As an employer or business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to increase the productivity of your company. One way is to ensure that the skills of your employees are on point. Here at Nach Academy , e offer online courses designed for the workplace. We concentrate on professional and interpersonal skills – skills […]