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Body language and its role in communication and daily human interaction is a subject that has been studied in numerous research papers. Its impact on communication and framing how people are perceived has led to several revealing lessons including the role it plays in human success. With a number of practiced body movements, you can set yourself up the success ladder. Here are the different kinds of body language you can use to project confidence and credibility and come off as charismatic, which are all important to attain success both in your career and social circles.

  1. Keep your posture erect and take up space

Power, status and confidence are aspects that can easily be displayed by intelligent use of height and space. Whenever you can, stand erect with shoulders back and head held high. This is a great way to project assuredness and power. When seated the same can be done through placing both feet flat on the ground and widening your arms away from your body. You can also claim more territory on the conference table by spreading out your items.

  1. Widen your stance when standing

When standing in a group, widen your stance and relax your knees letting the weight get centered on the lower body weight. This communicates stability and confidence unlike standing with your feet close together.

  1. Maintain eye contact

This is usually one of the most challenging body language gestures especially for the shy people or people from cultures which advise against looking into the eyes of seniors as a sign of respect. To hit a perfect balance, when you meet with a person, maintain enough eye contact at least until when you can tell the color of their eyes. Avoid spending much of the time in a one on one conversation looking at the ground.

  1. Talk with your hands

Speech is integrally linked to gestures. To work out the best way you can improve your own speech and become less hesitant and reliant on fillers, try using gestures in your delivery. Gesturing helps power up your thinking, which in turn results in clearer thoughts and better overall speech. Use open gestures especially with the arms. You can however, use the steeple to communicate sincerity and conviction. A steeple is a hand gesture where the speaker forms a steep with the fingertips touching but the palms remain apart.

  1. Work on your voice pitch

One of the best ways to project confidence is having a strong stable voice pitch. For those with high pitches, lowering it down intentionally will have an added effect of communicating with authority and assuredness. High pitch speakers come off as less emphatic and appear more nervous.

  1. Avoid nervous gestures and smile more

When nervous or unsure, people tend to get self-touchy, biting lips, drumming the table, tapping the feet, twirling the hair and generally fidgety. This robs credibility from yourself and whatever you are speaking on. Consciously place your feet flat on the floor and your arms flat on your lap or the table. Being still projects calmness.

Smiling has a powerful effect on you and those around you. It not only stimulates your own sense of wellbeing but also communicates to those around you that you are approachable and trustworthy as well as at peace with yourself.

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