Delivering Inspirational Public Speaking

Welcome to the Public Speaking and Presentations Course.

According to a survey by the Sunday Times of London, 41% of people list public speaking as their biggest fear. Forget small spaces, darkness, and spiders – standing up in front of a crowd and talking is far more terrifying for most people.

However, mastering this fear and getting comfortable speaking in public can be a great ego booster, not to mention a huge benefit to your academic life, personal life as well as career. This course will give you some valuable public speaking skills, including in-depth information on developing engaging speaking skills and delivering presentations with power.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

David Lawrence David Lawrence Author

Module 1 – Getting Started

Module 2 – Identifying Your Audience

Module 3 – Creating a Basic Outline

Module 4 – Organizing the Presentation

Module 5 – Credibility

Module 6 – Putting It All Together

Module 7 – Being Prepared

Module 8 – Verbal Communication Skills

Module 9 – Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Module 10 – Overcoming Nervousness

Module 11 – Creating Fantastic Flip Charts

Module 12 – Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

Module 13 – Wow ‘Em with the Whiteboard

Module 14 – Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio

Module 15 – Pumping it Up a Notch

Module 16 – Delivering Your Speech (I)

Module 17 – Delivering Your Speech (II)

Module 18 – Questions and Answers

Module 19 – Wrapping Up

Module 20 – Course Completion