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The ability to interpret body language is a skill that will enhance anyone’s personal, academic, or professional life. Body language is an important form of communication, and it needs to be practiced like any other form of communication. Whether in social situations, high school, college, retail sales or management, it is essential to understand the body language of others and to know exactly what your own body is communicating.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

David Lawrence David Lawrence Author

Module 1 – Getting Started

Module 2 – Module Two: Communicating with Body Language

Module 3 – Reading Body Language

Module 4 – Body Language Mistakes

Module 5 – Gender Differences

Module 6 – Nonverbal Communication

Module 7 – Facial Expressions

Module 8 – Body Language in School & Business

Module 9 – Lying and Body Language

Module 10 – Improve Your Body Language

Module 11 – Matching Your Words to Your Movement

Module 12 – Wrapping Up

Module 13 – Course Completion