As an employer or business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to increase the productivity of your company. One way is to ensure that the skills of your employees are on point.

Here at Nach Academy , e offer online courses designed for the workplace. We concentrate on professional and interpersonal skills – skills that are not taught in college or the university. For instance, a medical student is taught how to diagnose diseases. But, they also require good communication skills during the diagnosis.

Some of our online classes that will give your employees an edge include:

Dynamic Goal Setting and Task Completion

A business is productive only when the set goals are accomplished. It is only possible if the goals set are realistic, action-oriented, and specific to the accomplishment of a certain target. But it is one thing setting a goal, and another thing accomplishing the said goal. A target is only reached when the tasks involved in accomplishing a goal is completed.

Your employees need this course to learn to:

  • Set attainable goals.
  • Avoid postponing tasks.
  • Accomplish both personal and work-related goals.

Dynamic Group Performance

As an employer, you know the importance of teamwork. It facilitates efficient and effective completion of tasks. But, for workers to work together as a team they need to understand each other’s weaknesses and strength. That way, they can divide tasks and assign them to the most qualified people.

The advantages of our Group Performance online class include:

  • Helping employers identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees.
  • Helping employees overcome the fear of being criticized.
  • Helping employees learn how to interact with each other.

Beneficial Conflict Resolution

One of the factors derailing the productivity of your employees is conflicts amongst them. Sources of conflict include unhealthy competition among the employees and disagreements on personal and work-related issues. The problem is not the conflict, but how they respond to conflict. Unresolved conflict creates tension, thereby negatively impacting individual and team productivity.

On completion of our Conflict Resolution course, your employees will have learned:

  • The different options of responding to disagreements.
  • How to disagree with others respectfully.
  • How to practice impartiality during arbitration.

Organizational Skills

Closely related to time management, organizational skills refer to the ability to complete tasks efficiently and orderly. An organized employee is neat, sticks to a schedule, and completes tasks on time. Unorganized employees often get to work late, easily misplace files, and hardly complete work on time. This course will change unorganized employees as it teaches them how to:

  • Avoid procrastinating tasks.
  • Keep time.
  • Make schedules and stick to them.

For an employee to be productive, they need these skills. The courses we offer are based on extensive scientific research by renowned psychologist, Dr. Eric Nach. He has filled the courses with perspective so that your employees will be able to put what they learn in practice.

Our online courses are affordable and readily available – you can access them 24/7 on smartphone, tablet, and computer. Sign up for the courses today, and you might just get a discounted price for subscribing to three or more courses.

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