How It Works

Thank you for choosing Nach Academy For Innovative Learning!

Step 1: View our courses and choose the one for you! Be sure to click “Add to Cart” – The first and most important step is to view all the courses we have to offer. By visiting our courses page you can read descriptions for each course, watch a short video introduction, and make a smart decision on which course to begin with.

Congratulations! You have chosen your first course. Great! Whats next…

Step 2: Register/Login to Purchase your course – Now that you have chosen your course, you will need to register and purchase the course. The process is quite simple and will take just a few moments to complete. We provide a safe and secure checkout environment as noted by the green secure lock in your browser bar.

If you run into any issues while registering, please send us an email at and we will be happy to assist.

Your Awesome! You just purchased your first course. Let’s take the course…

Step 3: You can now begin the Course at your convenience – You can locate the course you purchased by clicking here or the “my courses” tab on the main menu. The my courses page is the perfect place to start each time you log in. On this page you can see your progress in each course that you are taking, and view any certificates you have earned for course completions.

Couple of last thoughts

  1. When you complete a lesson click on the “mark complete button”. Until you mark a lesson complete you will not be able to complete the entire course. Your progress through the course you are taking will be noted in the right hand column on the course page.
  2. You may stop at anytime and return to the same spot simply by logging in to your account here, or by visiting the my courses link on the main menu. When you are done, remember to log out by clicking the log out link on the my courses page.

Well, thats a wrap! If you have questions, you can always submit them to us at or by using the form on the contact page.

Have fun and happy learning!