Failure is a scary concept even for the young ones. A parent wants to see the children succeed at school, in extra curriculum activities and simple tasks around the house. This is why many are willing to go out of their way to help the children make it in life. Mostly you will find that when the kids are about to fall, the parents step in to help the child get back on track. But how wise is this? Should the child be allowed to fail or should they be rescued whenever there is foreseen risk?

Allowing the kids to experience a few challenges may positively impact their lives. Some positive outcomes include:

  • Give them a chance to learn from their mistakes

By making mistakes, there is a lot that a child can learn. They will know how to handle the situation in future so as to get a better outcome. As they grow up, they will remember the lessons they leant when they were young and apply them in their day to day lives.

  • Know how to handle problems better

Kids who have faced failure will know how to face challenges better in life. If a child is used to getting rescued every time they are about to fail, then they are less likely to know what to do with problems even when they are adults. Challenges help in finding creative solutions the next time they sense failure.

  • Failure boosts confidence to accept challenges

Failure may help kids to be more confident to accept challenges. It gives them courage to face more difficult tasks. Thus as a parent or guardian it is sometimes wise to allow the child to go through such experiences. To achieve this consider the following:

  • Familiarize the kids with failure

The first step is to make sure that children are familiar with what failure is all about. Let them know that not all situations will result into positive outcomes or exactly what they expected. Tell them that having hiccups is a way of learning. Also reassure them that just because the outcome is not what was expected doesn’t mean that they are not good enough or are incompetent.

  • Share stories of successful people who have failed

Share with your children some real life examples of people that failed and the lessons they got from the experience. This will help them in handling their disappointments much better.

  • Direct the child to find solutions instead of handing it to them

The next time your child is at risk of failing, ask them what they can do to overcome that. Ask them the lessons they learned and how they will handle the situation in future. Let them know that you understand what they are going through but don’t give them the solution directly. This will help them become more confident,  be better problem solvers and also improve their critical thinking skills. Be sure to congratulate them when they come up with solutions and suggestions. Tell them that you are proud of them.


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