There is a great feeling to having a child in the senior year of high school. Probably, you even helped them fill college applications. But are they ready for college life? Only half of the students who enroll in colleges complete the four-year course.

Experts attribute this poor record to lack of finances, poor preparation, and conflict between what students expect and what they actually experience when they arrive in college. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your child completes college is to prepare them for college life and ensuring you have the money to fund their college life.

Life skills and college life

The question here is how to plan a smooth transition from the high school classroom to college life. We recommend cultivating the right life skills in high school students. Academic qualifications will get your kid to college, but life skills are what will ensure their survival for the four years.

The life skills students require to survive in college include;

Independent living skills

Unless your kid will live with you when in college, they need to learn independent living skills. These include common life tasks such as doing laundry, cooking, fueling the car, and paying bills. They should also learn how to take responsibility for their medical needs, and what to do when they fall ill. Also, let them know that the current academic and social structure will change. In college they will be alone; there will be no one around to obsess and push them about their lives or academics.

Financial management skills

Financial management should start early. Teach your high school kid the value of money and let them understand your financial situation and how much money you can provide. Teach them how to maintain a budget and how to pay bills. More importantly, help them understand that while student loans do help, the debt might affect their quality of life after school.

Self-advocacy skills

Self-advocacy refers to the ability to speak up for oneself, understanding one’s rights and responsibilities, and reaching out to others for help. Most parents advocate for their kids needs forgetting that the child will one day need to be independent. Give your child the opportunity to handle their own battles and let them participate in making decisions that directly affect their lives.

Study skills

The academic demands of high school are minute, compared to those of colleges and universities. Your kid’s note-taking skills need to be on point. You can enroll them for note taking seminars and workshops before they join college. Also, your kid needs to learn how to study without supervision.

The most important study skill in university is time management. In between classes, assignments, entertainment, and relationships, time flies. Encourage your kid to plan their school-related activities in advance using a diary or a master calendar.

Where to find life skills courses

At Nach Academy for innovative learning, we have online courses that teach different life skills. Our courses are backed by scientific research and are designed by experts in behavior and educational development. The courses are not only relevant to young adults but are also filled with perspectives so that the students understand how the life skills apply in the real world.


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