Teenagers spend a lot of time online and particularly on social media sites as a way of connecting with friends. It is possible to find a teenager spending half a day or more on social media resulting in low or no productivity. It is for this reason that many parents are seeking ways to reduce their screen time or at least make their time online more productive. Fortunately, there are number of solutions that have proven helpful in limiting social media for teens, much to the delight of parents. Here are some that you can try out with your teenager.

Setting screen time limits

For many parents, this is the most obvious way of ensuring that their teen does not spend too much time on social media. It is common to find restrictions on when and where they can use their phone to allow them to focus on other things beside social media. However, to be effective in limiting screen time, you can encourage them to log into social media sites only after completing certain tasks. For example, having them read a book, complete their homework or complete chores.

Signing them up for online courses

If your teen enjoys being online, you can register them for an online course to help them build a skill. There are a number of online courses that have been designed with tech savvy teens in mind with the main goal being productivity. It is possible for them to access the courses through social media and be directed to a website where they are likely to spend their time learning something new. In addition, the online courses encourage sharing through social media, giving them a chance to engage friends on important topics.

Use of education apps

Majority of teenagers usually access social media on their phones because of convenience and privacy. To reduce their time on social sites, you can suggest the downloading of fun yet educational apps that they can access alone or with friends. The apps which can be quite captivating when presented in a fun way and are likely to keep them occupied and away from social media. Also, the apps can be easily shared with friends thus giving them an opportunity to connect online and spend time productively learning skills for future use.

Support online charity cases

Getting an opportunity to give back is something that should be cultivated in teenagers. To help them do so, parents can encourage them to support causes that they are passionate about online. Majority of these charity causes have a website and social media handles that are used to get word out and collect donations. To keep your teen productive online, you can suggest using their time on social media to spread the message about charities and give back to the community.

Overall, getting your teen off the internet is quite challenging. However, guiding them on productive ways to engage online is a great step in the right direction.

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