How are you faring against your competition? Note that even if you are at the top of your competition, it is always a good idea to find ways to increase the gap.

One way of staying ahead of your competition is improving you and your employees’ professional skills. Have them take classes to improve their professional and people skills.

But, with the changing times and busy schedules, no one has time to go to a physical classroom. That is why innovative learning centers, such as Nach Academy, offer online courses. You can stay ahead of your competition by taking the following courses;

Time Management

Time is an important resource in any workplace or business. Good management of time can mean the difference between a successful company and a failing company. Unfortunately, most people have poor time management skills. Many employees waste lots of time on small talk and many more waste time deciding what to do and how to do it.

Our Time Management course trains you how to;

  • Prioritize work-related tasks and activities.
  • Create a schedule or work plan and how to stick to it.
  • How to manage crisis resulting from work-related

Work-life Balance

Balancing work and life is a challenge we all face. Too much of work and less of life negatively impacts the quality of life, and consequently the productivity at the workplace. Similarly, too much focus on life disrupts your focus on work-related issues. Therefore, balancing work and life is important for workplace productivity.

On completion of our Work-Life Balance course, you will;

  • Know how to enjoy life while still being productive at work.
  • Be able to attract lasting working relationships.
  • Appreciate the importance of mental and physical health in productivity.

Dynamic Goal Setting and Task Completion

Anyone can set goals. But, are they the right goals? And, after setting those goals, do you see them through to their completion? A good goal is realistic, measurable, action-oriented; and above all, specific to accomplishing a certain target. Great leaders know how to set attainable goals, and good workers know how to complete tasks.

Our Dynamic Goal Setting and Task Completion course teaches how to;

  • Set realistic and specific goals.
  • Conquer procrastination – the main reason behind incomplete tasks.
  • Attain goals – both work-related and personal.
  • Increase productivity.

Dynamic Group Performance

Group work and teaming up at workplaces facilitates the completion of large goals. The bad news is that not many people know how to function in a group. Many companies rely on team building exercises to enhance group work. But we offer another choice – the Dynamic Group Performance Course. We have designed the course to help workers;

  • Overcome the fear of criticism.
  • Appreciate the importance of listening.
  • Learn how to initiate conversations and learn about each other through small talk.

With the skills you and your employees learn from these online courses, surely, you will stay ahead of your competition. It is important to follow to make sure they are implementing what they learn.

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