On the verge of success, many people start feeling that what they started will go wrong. Feelings of agitation, irritation, and nervousness begin to creep in. It becomes difficult to focus on what one started. The motivation and confidence one had at the beginning begins to fade away. Below are some characteristics of fear of failure:

  • Viewing new experiences as scary and thus choosing to remain in the current situation
  • A belief that once success is achieved the first time, there will be an expectation that it will happen again. For example a student may feel that if they do well in the first exam they will be expected to do the same in all the rest.
  • Fear of the overwhelming attention and popularity that comes with success
  • Fear of changes that might come along once success is achieved, for example commitments and change in daily schedule.
  • Fear of negative feelings that might arise from the success for example anger, envy and jealousy from friends, coworkers and family members as well.
  • Fear of success interfering with one’s privacy.

Dealing with fear of failure

Begin with the end in mind

Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, focus on the opportunities, lessons and outcome of your project. If you don’t let go of your fear, you will never enjoy the benefits. You will miss out on great opportunities that could improve your life now and in the long run. So let go of fear and look forward to what success has in store for you.

Know that failure is a normal part of life

Even the most successful business people have failed at some point in life. And the best decision they made is choosing to move forward even after failing the first time. Everything you do in life is taking a risk. If it doesn’t work out, you will still learn a lot from the whole experience. Knowing this lessens the burden many people feel when they think about failure. It also gives one more confidence.

Understand that how people react to your success is out of your control

People’s behaviors and attitude towards your success is something that you can’t control. Some will remain positive and supportive; others will turn away from you. You can’t control this and therefore you should not feel bad if someone reacts negatively to your success.

Make a decision to succeed and pursue your dreams or passions

Success is as simple as making a decision to succeed. Make a decision to let go of things you are afraid of and pursue your ambitions.

Keep moving

Once you have your goal, keep moving forward. Don’t give procrastination a chance. Make a plan, set deadlines and make sure that you follow them.

Overcome negative thinking

Get rid of the negative thoughts in your head and replace them with positive thoughts. Talking to a close friend, colleague or professional can help you in dealing with negative thinking.

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