Proper time management allows you to accomplish all you want to do at the right time. It is the best way to ensure that tasks are completed successfully. With a good plan, you will maximize your time and avoid stress. Time management creates a sense of control over the events in one’s life. Below are some tips to help you with time management:

Have a schedule

Having a schedule allows you to assign each task to a specific time segment. With a schedule, you will know when to carry out a particular task. It also prevents you from remaining unproductive when you should be doing something.

Distinguish task

When making a schedule, ensure that you distinguish your tasks. Make a list of things to do and then determine what is urgent, important or even an emergency. Urgent tasks are the important tasks that need to be done right away. Many people fail to deal with important tasks on time and thus they end up becoming urgent. This then causes stress especially when there are lots of urgent tasks to be completed within a short time frame.

Avoid procrastination

Postponing a task might be comforting at the moment, but later it will cause you a lot of stress especially if it is important. Thus even if you find a task unpleasant or difficult, always complete it at the assigned time. When planning, make sure that you set up deadlines so as to ensure that the task is completed on time. If it’s a long task, you can break it down into several units and then have a time limit or deadline for each.

Don’t be idle when there is something to be done

It’s good to take a rest every once in a while, but don’t waste too much time doing nothing when there are important tasks to be completed. This will help you avoid emergencies and urgent tasks. Also by doing your tasks on time, you will have ample time to comfortably deal with new tasks that arise.

Delegate where you can

Where possible, you should consider delegating some tasks to other people. Evaluate the situation and determine if there is someone else who can handle the task effectively and then delegate to him or her. By delegating, you will have enough time for tasks that must be handled by you. It also reduces the stress that comes with having to deal with too many tasks at once.

Set aside time for planning each day

Planning your time should be something that you do daily. Set aside at least ten minutes each day to plan or go through your schedule for the next day and add any new tasks.

Have time for dealing with distractions and interruptions

Many people are unable to accomplish much during the day due to interruptions. If you keep checking and replying to new emails and messages throughout the end, you may fail to accomplish your end goals. Set aside time for dealing with emails and messages that are not urgent.

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