Many young people around the world are taking up entrepreneurship as their source of livelihood. Some have started their business from scratch while others have partnered with established companies to bring about great new ideas. It does not matter the reason for becoming an entrepreneur, the main focus is on having the right qualities for the journey ahead. These qualities can be inborn while others are developed over time until the skill is mastered. Nevertheless, if you are a young person considering entrepreneurship, here are some “must have” qualities for you.

Be innovative

An idea is the first step towards the development of a product or service that offers solutions to a problem. Entrepreneurs always find an innovative way of executing their ideas so that the final product is efficient and appealing to the target market. In some cases, you may make further changes to the initial product so that it is refined and fits in with the current needs of customers. The ability to quickly adapt to changes will give you a competitive edge over those in your industry.

Be patient

To succeed as a young entrepreneur, it is important to develop patience as a constant in your life. Bringing ideas to life takes time and usually lasts much longer than most entrepreneurs planned for. Do your best to balance the time and capital available over the longest time possible until your business is able to sustain itself. Getting back up even after failure is a quality every entrepreneur needs.

Be sociable

Getting customers and other partners to trust you or your product(s) comes down to your ability to connect with others. Young entrepreneurs need to take time to attend industry events and meet other entrepreneurs to build networks. The value of the networks may not be immediate but can offer immense value over time. Also, offer support where needed to elevate your profile and give you a chance to connect with established entrepreneurs. In some cases, a recommendation from a person with a good reputation can open doors that would have otherwise been closed off to you.

Be a self-starter

To succeed, you must put in the work and be consistent until the fruits of your labor begin to show. It is important for young entrepreneurs to plan for long days and short nights at the initial stages as they develop products that they want to bring into the market. You will need to be self disciplined and set goals that will see your business grow and become profitable over time.


Entrepreneurs that succeed in setting up revolutionary business often love and care about the product or service they are developing for the market. Passion for their product gives them the will to push on even in bleak times of their business journey. Young entrepreneurs must develop a zeal and unflinching belief in their dream and trudge on till they succeed.

Young entrepreneurs face many challenges. But if you are able to develop these qualities, your chances of success will be much higher.

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