The shoes of a boss are hard to fill. The position is demanding, challenging, and quite dynamic. But yet, leadership can be very fulfilling in many ways. One of the challenges leaders tussle with is whether to be the friendly boss or the tough boss. In this article, discover why being a friendly boss will do wonders to your biggest asset – your employees.

  • Friendly bosses make employees feel like part of the team

As mentioned above, employees are your biggest resource no matter how you look at it. And as such, you want that resource to function at full throttle every given day. But for this to happen, your employees need to feel that they are a part of the team. Friendly bosses effortlessly make employees feel like they belong. After all, you’re treating them with respect, you’re applauding their efforts, and you’re recognizing your roles. And when your employees feel like a part of the team and appreciated, they will be focused and they will do their best in their respective roles.

  • Being friendly rallies your employees through positive energy

A bossy boss casts a cloud over the workplace immediately they enter the room. Employees go silent, hearts fall to the ground, and smiles turn to frowns. But when a friendly boss enters the office, employees do the opposite. They smile and their morale soars. A friendly boss is, therefore, able to radiate positivity to his/her employees. And as you know, a positive working atmosphere is better for productivity, teamwork, and innovation.

  • When employees like you they’re more likely to emulate you

It is often said that a good leader should do exactly that – lead. And indeed, a good boss leads from the front. However, employees are less likely to follow you and be loyal to you and the organization if they don’t like you. However, when they like you, they’ll not only follow you, they will emulate you as well. They’ll work just as hard as you do, they’ll be patient with their subordinates, they’ll be gentle and caring to your customers, the list goes on and on. Needless to say, these traits will only serve to uplift your company. But remember, a harsh boss cannot inspire these traits.

  • A friendly boss retains employees better

And lastly, a friendly boss is more likely to retain valuable employees as compared to a very tough boss. In fact, it is said that poor bosses are one of the major reasons why employees leave organizations. And as key pillars of any organization, when good employees leave, the said organization loses. As a friendly boss, therefore, you will manage to not only retain good talent; you will attract more it as well. And this will pay off in regards to the quality of work and services that your organization churns out.

So are you the friendly boss or the tough boss? If you’re the latter, you stand to gain the above benefits if you cross over to the other side. It’s important to add that you can still be a friendly boss while exhibiting traits of being a tough boss or a strict boss as warranted by each occasion.

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