Recovering drug addicts have a hard time coping with life after rehab. The supervision that was a norm in rehab is no longer there. So, the probability of a relapse is high.

However, with good interpersonal skills, they can cope. Most rehab centers have good interpersonal skills training as part of the rehab process. Still, it does not harm to follow up with such courses after rehab. At Nach Academy, we offer great interpersonal skills courses. Our courses not only help recovering addicts cope with life, but also adapt to work life. These courses are based on scientific research. Filled with perspective, the recovering addict will learn how to apply them in real life.

The following courses will help addicts stay on track after rehab;

Using Synergistic Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are those that we use to interact with other people. Drug addicts are so used to the illusion world created by drug use that they lose touch with people. These skills include listening, effective communication skills, and the correct use of body language.

Our Interpersonal skills course will help a recovering drug addict learn how to:

  • Initiate a meaningful conversation.
  • Listen keenly.
  • Respond to disagreements constructively, with respect, and without violence.

Time Management

The concept of time escapes drug users. In rehab, there are schedules and supervisors to ensure the schedules are followed. But in the real world, they have to manage time on their own. This could prove to be a huge challenge. And that is why our Time Management course is a good idea. The course helps the recovering addict learn to:

  • Make a time schedule and stick to it.
  • Prioritize the important things in their lives.
  • Manage time even under pressure.

Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is common among recovering addicts. The constant fear of relapse and wronging those around them can cause severe anxiety to the extent of panic attacks. Also, the eagerness to succeed in the workplace and please their families causes anxiety. They coped with anxiety by using drugs, but now they have to use other ways. Our anxiety management course teaches them how to;

  • Relax
  • Overcome overwhelming challenges without using drugs.
  • Channel the anxiety productively.

To reduce anxiety, they should avoid pressuring themselves by setting attainable goals.

Attention Management Strategies

One of the effects of drugs is hyperactivity resulting in derailed concentration. Drug addicts have a hard time focusing on one activity for the required amount of time. In the workplace, focus and concentration are needed.

Therefore, help your dear recovering addict by subscribing them to this course that will help them appreciate that they have to focus in order to accomplish tasks. Also, they will learn what to do whenever they feel the need to procrastinate tasks. The course is filled with practical lessons. With these courses, you will perfectly recover from substance abuse. Since our courses are readily available across all devices, you can always refer to them anytime you feel you are losing track.

Hurry and book your course today. Gain some great skills and go full steam ahead into the world on a new path to success.  Only look ahead!

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