If you are considering living alone for the first time, either due to circumstances or because you feel ready for the next big step of your life, there are certain feelings you are likely to feel. Overwhelming anxiety might be one of them, especially when you are unsure of what to expect. Excitement and joy in anticipation of the newfound freedom of living alone are also possible emotions. Away from all these feelings you will go through, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you start living alone. Key of this is the importance of planning. Before you make that move, you should have a good solid plan that will ensure that your experience of living alone is enjoyable. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Budget before you move, then again after you move

Make a budget of your anticipated expenses before you move. This will help you plan accordingly while keeping your income in mind. Some expenses are easy to tell, for example the ones you are already incurring. These include your car expenses, insurance and so on. For utilities, you might use an estimate and then adjust these accordingly after the first month of living alone. Managing your budget in relation to your income is a crucial ingredient in ensuring you enjoy living alone.

  • Identify what gadgets and appliances you really need

There is always the temptation to buy everything you had in your previous living quarters especially since you were so used to those living conditions. This is especially true for young people who are moving out of their parents’ houses. It is necessary to remember that your parents accumulated all the gadgets and appliances they have over several years. Do not buy everything at once. Buy only the important stuff, and build on it gradually.

  • Quality vs cost

So you have identified the important things you need in your new home, and you already have a budget at hand; is this all you need? It might seem easier to ensure everything you buy fits into your budget, but if you are trading quality for cost, then you are doing it wrong. There is no need to buy second hand items that break down a few months down the road simply because they fit into your budget. Consider your purchases as investments, and choose those that are quality and long-lasting.

  • Borrow what you can

You don’t have to buy everything you need, some of it you can borrow. For instance, if there are things you need that your parents or siblings have that they are not using, do not be afraid to borrow. Hand me downs from family really do come in handy when it is time to move out.

  • Create a system for paying bills

Living alone for the first time means that you will now have additional bills to pay. It becomes so easy to lose track of some bills when you were used to only a handful and now all of a sudden you have bills flying in left, right and center. Develop a system of tracking your bills and paying on time, as you do not want to hurt your credit score with late payments.


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