interpersonal skills
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How Your Personality Type Affects Your Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are very important in life, in relationships, and in the workplace. They influence how well one is able to interact with others and create meaningful connections. It is no secret that great interpersonal skills can help…
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6 Steps To Getting Over Social Anxiety

Social anxiety or social anxiety disorder is named as the third most common mental disorder in the world. It affects millions of people globally. Social anxiety can have far-reaching negative effects on those affected, especially their…
goal setting

Goal Setting: Why You Should Embrace Visual Strategies

For the most part, people go about setting their goals by writing them down. In fact, a popular idiom in goal setting says that ‘it’s only a dream but once it’s written down it becomes a goal’. That be as it may, goal setting is evolving…

The Art Of Listening To Others

Communication is an integral part of human existence. Without proper communication, man would not be as successful as he is. Businesses, industries, and institutions in use today would probably not be in existence as well. And in any given piece…