“Eric Nach and I met in 1996 as he was part of our team and the finest behaviorist that I have worked with in my 30 year career. Since then Dr. Nach has soared to incredible heights. After leaving the middle school we both worked within, I went to several other schools and have not worked with anyone close to his caliber. His professionalism with students, families, and peers is impressive. Dr. Nach is able to understand the needs of those he interacts with and  goes right into “solution mode”

“Dear Dr. Nach,

Thank you for all you do to empower mothers so they can provide the best support for their young and adult children. If I would have had a Center like yours when “Betty” was going thru middle and high school, my life would have been very different!

I was the advocate and the IEP person, and each year I would research support for each meeting and situation. Your online program at the NachAcademy.com is amazing, and like the program in Boca Raton, the program is led by a compassionate and dedicated expert. The parents must be so appreciative!

Thank you for all the support that you gave to “Betty” and myself during a very challenging transition to Florida. We continue to be on a “3 steps forward , 2 steps back path” but we are moving forward slowly. We actually are having a good Mother’s Day, and wanted to express our gratitude to you. I hope that the Center is very busy and appreciated.

We continue to research and explore. Sending sincere gratitude to you and your team.

“Nancy”(single mother of adult daughter with learning and socialization challenges)”