Public speaking does not come easy to many people. First they have to overcome stage fright and their anxieties. Even for those who have no problem facing up a group of people, there is need for knowing how to go through the delivery to make the communication effective. In present day careers, academic and business life, public speaking skills are becoming mandatory for everyone not just for the leaders or people in public relations. Your goal is to become an effective speaker who can share ideas with a large number of people, stand out from the crowd and get visibility from the crowd. To achieve this, you need to emulate the following attributes of effective public speakers:

  1. Confidence

When it comes to public speaking, confidence is a crucial element. It is natural to be nervous and the nervousness actually helps you maintain some focus and not approach your presentation too casually. Confidence helps you to be perceived as accurate, credible, likable, intelligent and believable. When your nervousness shows to the audience you lose all these and your delivery is ineffective.

  1. Authenticity

To be an effective speaker you have to be confident in yourself and the subject. This is the only way you will project authenticity to the audience. Do not imitate someone else or memorize your speech. All these will affect your natural thinking and organization of thoughts as well as the ease with which you deliver the speech. Practice the speech before making it only to familiarize yourself with the information and key points as well as the progression. Be yourself throughout the speech and you can achieve this by the following strategies:

  • Practice but do not memorize
  • Speak in a natural voice
  • Approach the speech as a normal conversation
  1. Passion

The only way you are going to move an audience with a speech is if you are passionate enough. You cannot fake passion as this will be obvious to the audience. Focus on how you feel about the subject and its importance. Relate to the value of the speech and if necessary dig deep to find something interesting to you and which you feel deeply about.

  1. Voice Modulation

Even with your natural voice, you need to take the speed and inflection of your voice into account. This will help you avoid a flat monotonous delivery. Find the proper cadence and observe the pauses and stresses with the relevant message. For trial, record yourself and listen to your voice changes, your authenticity and where you may need to use better tonal variation.

  1. Connect With The Audience

In most speeches your audience will also be dealing with different noise sources and distractions especially mobile devices. You can only change this and reach to them by creating an environment that will make them focus on you and ignore the rest of the noise. You can do this through being aware of the target audience, making the story personal and finding ways to engage them and keep them interested.

  1. Storytellers

Effective speakers always find a way to integrate short stories into the speeches they give. Stories allow you to create a context and connect with your audience. From Jesus to the famous teachers in Asia and current best motivational speakers, the use of stories and anecdotes has proven to be a powerful way to engage the audience and pass your message.

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